The Fault In Our Stars by John Green


Some books make you so sad that you want to stop reading. And some books turn you so desperate so you need more than few hugs to calm you down. But, you rarely find a book which after finishing you just want to curl up in your bed, hold onto that book and silently cry and cry and cry. The Fault In Our Stars is epitome of such sweet sadnesses. Boy, how I wished forΒ the main characters from this book to be together?! Continue reading


Nothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon



I have read numerous books by a vast range of authors and yet Sidney Sheldon always holds a pivotal place in my ‘Book-world’. His books, whenever I finish reading them, always leave behind a remarkable stain of a commercial entertainer. That’s what sets him apart from the others, I reckon. Being a budding reader (I wonder if anyone isn’t one), I was done with his masterpieces like If Tomorrow Comes, Doomsday Conspiracy, Best Laid Plans and etc. before. But this novel, Nothing Lasts Forever, I should confess is his best work. Continue reading